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Type of Firing


What type of firing do you want (please circle)                   Bisque Firing                              Glaze Firing


What Clay have you used?




BISQUE temperature?                                                  1000oC


What is the firing temperature of the glaze?                      oC


GLAZE temperature?                                                           oC


Number of Items


Number of Items


Please give a description, the makers mark, size of each item












I agree that General Pottery will do everything it can to ensure your work is fired properly, however the successful firing of your work is largely dependent upon:

  • The provision of correct information regarding the clay and glaze on this form. Incorrect information can result in over or under-firing of work.If your work over-fires and melts you will be charged for damage to the kiln and shelves, as well as the firing costs of any damaged work belonging to others.

  • Correct construction of items.

    • General Pottery is not responsible for work that explodes in the kiln as a result of air-bubbles.If your work explodes and damages other work you will be charged the firing cost of those items.

    • General Pottery is not responsible for cracks or splits that appear as a result of firing

  • Good glazing technique.General Pottery is not responsible for poor glaze results that are the result of poor glaze technique including

    • Poor mixing of glaze or under application of glaze to items

    • Over application of glaze and glaze run.If your glaze runs and damages the kiln and/or other work you will be charged.

Successful glazing is dependent on glaze testing!


General Pottery will do everything to look after your work while in our care, however, sometimes accidents happen.  While we take every care with your work, General Pottery is not responsible for unintentional damage that may occur.  This includes:

  • Accidental breakage of items while transporting or placing in or out of the kiln.

  • Damage that results from other people’s work in the kiln.This includes damage from other people’s work exploding or glaze run.







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