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We stock glaze materials so you can develop your own glaze palette.

Please note that all glazing materials are hazardous and are sold on the understanding that they will be used to make glaze.

Alumina Calcined  500gm

Alumina Hydrate   500gm

Ball Clay   500gm and 1kg

Barium Carbonate   100gm

Bentonite   100gm

Bone Ash   100gm

​Calcite Carbonate (Whiting)  500gm and 1kg

China Clay  (Kaolin)   500gm and 1 kg

Chrome Oxide   100gm

Cobalt Carbonate   100gm

Copper Carbonate   100gm

Cornish Stone   500gm

Dolomite   500gm

Frit 2268 - Calcium Borate   100gm

Frit P2953  -   Standard Borax Frit 100gm

Frit 3124 (4124)  -  Medium Borax Frit 100gm

Frit 3134 (4108)  -  Medium Soft Borax Frit 100gm

Frit F4101 - High Alkaline   100gm

Frit 4110 (F3110) - Medium Soft Alkaline  100gm

Frit 4131 (FS6225) -  High Temperature Borax   100gm

Frit P2953 - Standard Borax   100gm

Gertsley Borate   100gm

Ilmenite   100gm

Iron Oxide - Black   100gm

Iron Oxide - Red   100gm

Iron Oxide - Yellow   100gm

Lithium Carbonate    100gm

Magnesium Carbonate Light   500gm

Manganese Carbonate   100gm

Manganese Dioxide   100gm

Nepheline Syenite   500gm and 1kg

Nickle Oxide   100gm

Potash Feldspar   500gm and 1kg

Rutile  100gm

Silica (Flint, Quartz)   500gm and 1kg

Soda Feldspar   500gm and 1kg

Spodumene   500gm

Strontium Carbonate  100gm

Talc   500gm and 1kg

Tin Oxide   100gm

Titanium Dioxide   100gm

Wollastonite   100gm

Zinc Oxide   100gm

Zirco Sil 5   100gm

All glaze materials are hazardous. 
Always wear a mask when handling dry glaze materials. 
If you have sensitive skin, are pregnant, or under 12 years old you should always wear gloves when dealing with glaze and glaze materials.
Always was
h your hands after working with glaze materials.



Not sure about making your own glazes yet?

You need the Glaze Box - a mini-course in glaze making!

The box includes a beginners guide to glazing, a selection of glaze materials for you to experiment with, and a variety of tools for applying glaze to your work!

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