Glaze Books

Michael Bailey, Glazes Cone 6 1240 Deg C

Linda Bloomsfield, The Handbook of Glaze Recipes

Emmanuel Cooper, The Potter's Book of Glaze Recipes

Miranda Forrest, Natural Glazes: Collecting and Making

Kevin Millward, Surface Decoration

Rosemary Perry, Potters Beware: Control of Hazards encountered in Making, Glazing and Firing Ceramics

Brian Taylor and Kate Doody, Ceramic Glazes: The Complete Handbook


Traditional Ceramics

​​Penny Simpson, Lucy Kitto, Kanji Sodeoka, The Japanese Pottery Handbook

Dragons and Lotus Blossoms

IMG_20190914_150838 (2).jpg

Contemporary Ceramic Practice

Jo Dahn, New Directions in Ceramics: From Spectacle to Trace

Contemporary British Studio Ceramics

The New Age of Ceramics

IMG_20190914_150923 (2).jpg

Technicial and Studio Practice

Emily Reason, Wheel Throwing

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