These New Zealand Studio Potters took part in the Share A Cuppa Give-Away in August 2020 - please support them

Sandy Speckles

Time for some really lovely sandy cups to remind us of the summertime days that are just around the corner! These beauties have been made for Share a Cuppa by

Sue Newitt @suenewitt

Tatyanna Meharry @thebusyfinch


Grace Uivel @ataceramics

The speckles on the texture of the cups are from different beaches around the South Island of Aotearoa and all move slightly differently in the clay depending on their geological location. A fantastic way to remember a sea time memory!


Leafy Green

Made for us by

Nicole Kollig from Dunedin

Sarah Geary @sarahgearyceramics

Gael Abraham @gaelabraham.thepotterswell

They each have a beautiful interpretation of greens on them Gael and Sarah have made delicious drippy glaze combinations while Nicole has used flora from her garden to create native prints. They are each a very descent cuppa sized!


Red Tones

These wee beauties are from


Duncan Shearer @rahu_road_pottery

Galit Maxwell @galitmaxwell

Fiona Madill @bluffit.ceramics

They all have gorgeous toasty clays and have been born of extremes...from the range of firing, as in a cooler kiln for the red earthenware to a very hot kiln for the grey blushed stoneware....they also come from tight down at the bottom off the South Island to the top of the North Island. Each cup holds a medium sized cuppa and nestles snuggly in the hand.


Natural Tones

These beautiful cups have been made by

Kate Fitzharris @kateoxide

Bleuette Hille @bleuclay

Sylvia Sinell @studiosinel

They hold a very respectable cuppa and are made from beautiful toasty clay featuring a range of glazes like swirly opalescent chun, soft satin celadon and texturally tingley wild clay slip.


Shades of White

These pretty wee beauties for Share a Cuppa come from studio potters

Elise Johnston

Gwen Parsons @generalpotterynz

Emma Soppit @esoppitpots

They show how different clays can be, and the subtlety between them. Elise has used a white casting slip with a beautiful native illustration, Gwen has used porcelain and texture so that it is translucent when held up to the light and Emna has a white stoneware. So lovely!


Rich Tenmoko

Here are some lux cups for Share a Cuppa from

The Busy Finch @thebusyfinch

Nicola Shanley @nichola.shanley

A generous helping of tenmoko and chin glaze on the 2 wee espresso vessels and Nicola's ones featuring delicious broody nymphs and Venitian lion head handles!


Moody Black

These beauties are by

Frederika Ernsten @frederikaernsten

Greg Yee @greg_yee_artist

Penny De Jong @pennydejongnz

They all feature striking black glazes with a little something extra to produce midnight blue spangles. There is a range of sizes from a neat short black to a super generous coffee so that you can imbibe your favourite tipple!


So Blue

These beautiful cups have been made by

Mick Hydes @micksmud

Peter Gregory @petergregorypotter

Jane McCulla @janemcculla

They are a mix of espresso, coffee mug and greedy cuppa size!

All feature gorgeous blue tones and textures for setting a soothing piece of quiet contemplation.


A Touch of Green

Such a wonderful mix of styles and sizes in these Share a Cuppa vessels!

These studio makers today are

Zehavit Darlington @zehavitceramics

Grace Campbell @gracecceramics


Nicola Wallace Bell from @sumnerceramicsnz

There is a mix of glazing from watery green, to a touch of copper and a beautiful teal. Perfect for an espresso, a generous cup of tea and a lovely Latte...these would be so special to have your morning tipple in!


Pop of Colour

These gorgeous cups are made for Share a Cuppa by

Emma Turner @emmaturnerceramics

Janna Van Hasselt @jannavanhasselt

Jo Howard @johowardceramics

They feature lots of lovely colour and graphic lines. Emma has used bright coloured clay for her handles contrasted by a paper bag coloured buff clay, Janna has bright pop coloured glazes with amazingly handpainted black line details and Jo has some lovely stamped text with "I'm so glad you're in my bubble!" printed on them. So clever these guys!

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