Cobcraft Throwing Tools

We stock a selection of Cob Craft throwing tools, including ribbon tools, triangle tools, scraffetto tools, and pin tools.

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Cutting Tools

General Pottery holds a range of cutting tools, including wire cutters, surforms, and  hole cutters. 

Locally made Hand Bows and Clay Harps will be available soon!

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Metal Ribs

We stock a range of metal ribs for throwing and sculpting.

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Wooden Throwing and Sculpting Tools

General Pottery holds a selection of locally made throwing and sculpting tools.

Wooden ribs will also be available soon!

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Tools for colour application

We stock a range of tools for applying colour including, brushes, sponges, slip trailers, and glaze sieves.

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Boards and Batts

General Pottery stocks throwing bats and boards.

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Pottery Aprons

Lovely pottery aprons by Emma.  They feature specially selected materials, and handy pockets.  In sizes small, medium and large.


Miscellaneous tools

General Pottery  stocks other miscellaneous tools and equipment for the potter including, buckets with lids, sponges, and chamois.

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