Glazes - Clae

Glazes formulated in Christchurch and tested 1220 - 1240 deg C.

Currently in stock:

Ink. Kaiteriteri Gold, Kea Green, Manuka Pink, Mt Aspring Blue, Rata Red, Reactive White, Totara Bark

300ml  $16.50

600ml  $24.00


Underglazes - Claybright

We stock following colours:

Forest Green, Irish Green, Jade, Lime Green

Bay Blue, Cobalt Blue, Greek Blue,  Skye Blue

Berry, Grape, Mauve

Ultra Red, Dusty Pink, Dusty Red, Soft Pink,

Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Caramel, Golden Wheat, Tangerine, Mocha

Black, White, Gunmetal Grey

75ml bottles $9.90 - 14.50

IMG20220312113027 (2).jpg

Glaze - Abbots

We stock a selection of Abbots glazes.  Currently available:

White Glaze 3-6  $21.00

Matte White $21.00


White  1 lt  $26.90

Clear cone 2-6 1 lt  $26.90


Underglaze Pencils

Black Underglaze Pencils, $33.00 each.

Great for decorative work and signing your work.


Underglazes - The Kiwi Collection

We stock following colours:


Apple Green, Aqua Marine, Forest Green, Mint Green, Olive Green

Azure Blue, Cobalt Blue, Powder Blue, Turquoise Blue

​Lilac Purple, Mulberry Purple

Chilli Red, Blush Pink, Cerise Pink

Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Saffron Orange, Copper Brown

Snow White, Jet Black, Flint Grey, Steel Grey

100ml bottles $14.00

IMG20220312112624 (2).jpg

Clae Natural Coloured Slips

We stock the following colours, all made from locally sourced materials:


Brighton, Glentui Rohi, Kareti, Jet, Takaka

Blueskin Bay, Pigeon Bay, Porthills, Hororata

200ml $18.00


Ceramic Stain

We stock a selection of colours in 25gm bags costing $6.00 - 7.00.

Ceramic stains can be used to colour glazes, underglazes, engobes, slips and clay bodies, and are made of oxides and fritted materials.


Hazardous material.  AVOID inhalation and skin contact.  DO NOT ingest.  Encase in a properly fired glaze to make inert (non-hazardous).


Japanese Tissue Transfers

We stock a great selection of Tissue Transfers, which can be applied to raw or bisqued items.  Super easy to use, these are $12.50 per packet.

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